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Paola Bettello | Personal exposure

Jesolo will host the art exhibition of artist Paola Bettello until 31 August. It is a personal exhibition in which the artist narrates herself through abstract, dynamic and colourful paintings. Paola has been involved in art for over twenty years: she participated in the Florence Biennale 2021, an international contest with forty-four competing countries, winning second place with her work Femme. His artistic research is directed towards the essential pictorial elements such as matter and colour. In fact, after the first very material works, his artistic direction has turned towards the brilliance, luminosity and depth of epoxy resin and acrylic. In her dynamic paintings, the real protagonist is the colour, always balanced, evoking emotions, scents and memories. Without using brushes, Paola experiments with different techniques such as spinning, in order to create abstract paintings that strike and excite each visitor in a different way. The exhibition, at Via delle Sirene 4, can be visited by appointment, the artist will be present on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm. For more information go to www.paolabettello.altervista.org or email paolabettello@gmail.com

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