JJ27_news museo civico

New civic museum

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May, the citizens of Jesolo will be the first to visit the new civic museum in via Policek, which will officially open to tourists on Wednesday 1 June. For this special event dedicated to citizens, the museum will welcome guests with an international exhibition entitled “Selfie House Experience”, already staged in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Lille and Singapore. The exhibition will then continue until Sunday 18 September. Visitors will also find 20 “selfie rooms” that will allow them to enjoy a unique immersive experience in a colourful and funny world. The themes will vary from settings that reproduce landscapes, optical illusions, mirrors, neon design, interior design and style trends. Dynamic spaces will be created with photographic sets which are actual works of art specifically designed to become the subjects of incredible photos. In these places, visitors will be able to unleash their imagination and have fun. 

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