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Mysterious lights in the sky… is it an earthquake? 

When the earth shakes, it does not warn us in advance. It acts unexpectedly, causing fear and bewilderment. We have been trying to predict this type of event for some time, but there are no signs capable of predicting this phenomenon. In the mid-1960s, a study was conducted on strange lights that were seen in the sky before earthquakes, which were called “telluric lights”. Their origin probably goes back to the build-up of energy trapped in the faults of the subsoil which, associated with the movement of the earth, generates electricity that releases sparks. The unusual lights in the sky, comparable to the Northern Lights, allow this energy to move to the surface, where energy ionizes with air molecules, generating this short-term phenomenon. Earthquakes cannot be stopped, but the ability to predict it could help avoid damage to properties and people. In the future, some assume that it will be possible to make predictions despite the little foreboded appearance of “telluric lights”. You can discover other interesting facts like these at Science Factory, where physics, natural phenomena, electricity and much more will be presented in a funny and playful way to enjoy a strong experience to be written down on the diary of summer of 2022. Come and visit us! Science Factory is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm (last admission) For further information: www.lafabbricadellascienza.it         

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