JJ30_eventi piazza Manzoni

Music and markets | Piazza Manzoni under the stars

Piazza Manzoni is ready to entertain both tourists and the citizens of Jesolo with some amazing events. On Thursday 11 August Nicola Congiu will perform live. On Tuesday 16 August there will be Mercatini sotto le Stelle with rich market stands, followed by an evening with Aglio, Olio and Swing on Thursday 18 August. On Tuesday 23, Mercatini sotto le Stelle will return, followed by the “L’amore vince sulla violenza” concert on Thursday 25 August. On Friday 26 August, don’t miss the Pook Rock concert. On Tuesday 30 August, Mercatini sotto le Stelle will be held again, together with the Effect 2 concert on Thursday 1  September, and Mercatini sotto le Stelle again on Tuesday 6 September. All the events will start at 9 pm and are organized by the Manzoni beach resort, which gives unique moments to make every day special.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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