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“Today’s actors and actresses as good as yesterday’s” 

by Alessio Conforti

Is one of the most famous actors on the Italian and international scene. Michele Palicido, 73 years old, is a versatile actor, director and screenwriter continuing his successful career on stage. We met him at the “Russolo” theatre in Portogruaro just a few minutes before the curtains went up on “Small Marital Crimes” written by playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt with Michele playing leading role with the famous actress Anna Bonaiuto. 

  •  “Small Marital Crimes” focuses on the relationship within a couple. What has changed in respect to the past?
    Society has changed and at times, for certain aspects of life, roles have been inverted. This play makes us reflect deeply and above all makes us understand how times have changed. 
  • You are both actor and director for this play. How’s it going?
    This play, which is also a sort of sentimental thriller and cleverly written by Schmitt, is drawing a lot of success. It’s not just me saying this but the theatres that have put on the play. Comedy also shines through in this drama. And if you think about, it’s also what happens in real life.   
  • What do you mean?
    A lot of the times other people’s misfortunes make you laugh or are source of gossip. This happens above all in small towns and villages when talking about couples separating. When it happens to us first hand, it becomes a painful experience. 
  • For us you will always be the unforgettable protagonist of “La Piovra”, in the role of the famous police inspector Commissario Corrado Cattani. You’ve done TV, stage and cinema. Where do you really express yourself as an actor?
    As a stage actor and in those theatres that allow you to be close to the audience. Large American theatres come to mind. However, as director, I prefer the film set. Over the last few years I have worked on social films and some TV series in which I also took part in casting the roles. 
  • Are there promising generations in show business today? Perhaps like yours?
    I believe that there are always the right people across the board. Even today there are good actors. It all depends on the quality of the films, TV programmes and plays. If there aren’t great roles, directors or screenwriters, an actor or actress can be as talented as you want but they won’t be able to shine.  
  • As with Commissario Cattani…
    Exactly. Commissario Corrado Cattani was an immense role and the screenwriters, with a background in cinema, wrote this character brilliantly. The production was of exceptional quality and when the script is good you can express yourself to the best. Today, there is quality talent out there but stage and film productions need to improve. 

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