JJ30_Massimo Zanichelli

A chat with the documentary journalist and professional wine taster

  • Are you familiar with Jesolo?
“Yes, but I have visited the seaside area of ​​Jesolo and the Venetian coast less than other areas of the Veneto region, despite the fact that, for example, I know that the famous ‘Enoiteche’ of the host Mauro Lorenzon was born in Jesolo. Instead, I lived in the historic city centre of Venice for about a year between 1997 and 1998. In the future I would like to deepen my knowledge of the coast, even as a tourist. I have visited the Veneto region a lot in the last 15 years as I was an oenological guide for the weekly magazine L’Espresso ”.  
  • What bond have you created with this territory?
“I don’t have Venetian origins, but I love Veneto very much and I have created strong bonds of friendship here, so much so that I directed and performed the documentary: ‘Symphony between heaven and earth: a journey amongst the wines of Veneto’. I have always appreciated the frankness of the Venetians. It is a region less known than others despite its historical, artistic and cultural heritage, which certainly does not fear comparisons with other regions, because it offers all types of naturalistic scenery”.  
  • What is the importance of events such as ‘Dinner with the producer’ where on the 29th of June you presented the Podversic winery at the ‘Al Notturno’ restaurant in Lio Piccolo?
“They are essential because they allow you to speak about wine in a correct way, creating the right atmosphere and contents suitable to convey, to those who are less familiar, the beauty of the lagoon with its culinary flavours combined with the most important and renowned wine productions. Obviously these events need continuity. They are useful in all touristic locations, even in Jesolo ”.  
  • How do you feel about the tourism operators of Jesolo and the coast?
“Given the important numbers of tourists with which they deal, Italian and international, these operators also have the task of food and wine ambassadors of their region. As with prosecco, perhaps the most popular and talked about wine in the Veneto region, it is not uncommon to meet, alas, Venetian merchants who have never visited the prosecco production areas. It does not happen in Jesolo specifically but unfortunately throughout the region, also for many other Venetian wines of millenary tradition”.  
  • So what’s the advice?
“I would like, in an ideal world, for all the Venetian bars, restaurants and typical ‘trattoria’ or ‘osteria’ to have all the Veneto wine production in their cellar. I refer to the inevitable Venetian wines such as Bardolino, Custoza, Soave, the wines of the Euganean Hills, the wines of Breganze, the Vespaiolo, Lessini Durello, also others who are  strongly representative of the Venetian territory such as Gambellara, Fior D’arancio, Bordolese, just to mention a few. Wines that seem forgotten, which can instead come back into fashion if they are offered as a novelty to customers who do not know them, restoring the Venetian wine history and tradition. Not to mention that today the so-called ‘natural wines’ are very much in fashion and Veneto is full of producers who deal with these specific productions: so why not use them? ”.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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