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Let’s go shopping | July 22



Roberto Demeglio’s bracelets are unique and elegant creations that represent a turning point in the world of jewellery as they combine gold, natural diamonds, high-tech ceramic and a stretchable steel core that makes them easy to wear. They are the first pieces of jewellery created, specifically, for the modern woman: they are claspless, comfortable and easy to wear, they fit on the wrist with a simple gesture, they fit perfectly and they adapt to any size. On sale from € 190.00, exclusively at Pavanello Jewellers, via N. Sauro, 17 – tel. +39 0421 951511.

I Love Okidoki

Possedere capi vintage aggiunge allo stile un gusto retrò, elegante e unico, ma è importante ricordare che un abito è considerato vintage se risale almeno agli anni ’80. Mixare un capo vintage con accessori moderni può risultare davvero chic, Pamela in questo caso propone la combo perfetta: blazer pistacchio con bottoni dorati (18,00 €) e jeans délavé a zampa di Gas (12,00 €) entrambi originali degli anni Ottanta, ballerine slingback rosse (12,00 €) e borsa a mano o tracolla (8,50 €). Un look trendy e confortevole per tutti i giorni. I Love Okidoki, via Toscanini, 15/1 – cell. +39 351 8074802.

Fabris Jesolo

There is a long history behind Fabris, the men’s and women’s clothing shop located in the heart of Jesolo; it is the story of a large family that has been in the clothing business for almost a century. It all began in 1925 with grandfather Costante, a travelling salesman who offered fabrics and clothing in the city with his cart. He was helped by his son Ledio, who worked alongside his father in the business until, together with his wife Elvia, he expanded the company with the opening of the business. A business that has passed from father to son and that today, after almost 100 years, continues with Giacomo, establishing itself as one of the most important and long-lived businesses in Jesolo, where you can be sure of finding a selection of comfortable, top quality clothing for men and women. In 2007, a major restyling transformed the showroom into a bright, well-kept, customer-friendly space where customers can discover, and wear, the latest trendy men’s and women’s collections, relying on the experience, professionalism and kindness of Giacomo and his staff. A 20% to 50% discount will be applied to all S/S 2022 collections. Here are some brands: Kartica, Philly Firenze, Yaya, Empathie, Bugatti, Manuel Ritz, Bottega Artigiana, QB24, +39 Masq. In photo: Kartika ceremony dress in crepon, embroidered with floral motifs and belt (149,00 €) discounted (111,50 €); georgette shrug with ribbon closure (39,00 €) discounted (29,00€)


Like every summer, true fashion is made by Twenty, the small shop just a stone’s throw from Piazza Mazzini that for over 10 years has been selecting the best outfits for women of all ages: long, short, silk, sangallo, printed, French lace caftans, dresses for the beach but also more refined ones for the evening. Always renewed, also in the brands, here you can buy the Antica Sartoria Positano, an Italian excellence that for more than 60 years has been expressing all its love for embroidery and art by making unique, original and inimitable Made in Italy garments. Twenty is waiting for you for an enviable look and lots of style. Via S. Trentin, 25
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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