JJ29_les trois paires

Les Trois Paires | Acoustic in Concert

The group Les Trois Paires arrives in the squares of Jesolo with an enthralling acoustic guitar show, in a musical journey between gypsy-jazz, blues and fingerstyle. Tommaso Doglia on lead guitar, Giorgio D’Arsiè on rhythm guitar, and Vincenzo Vizzini on bass and double bass, offer an interweaving of past and present inspired by great guitar masters such as Tommy Emmanuel and Django Reinhardt. Guests will include jazz singer Giorgia Vianello, violinist Ilaria Mariuzzo and blues harmonica expert Paolo Ganz. Various performances are scheduled: 15 July in Piazza Carducci, 25 July in Piazza Nember, 26 July in Piazza Milano, 10 August in Piazza Torino, and 19 August in Piazza Rivo Alto. The concerts, with free admission, will begin at 9.10 pm.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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