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Leopoldo Pellas’ Fanfare | The charm of our Bersaglieri

After the last appointment in Jesolo with the parade on 9 August, the Fanfara dei Bersaglieri “Leopoldo Pellas” continues to perform in the streets and squares of Italy with its evocative and enthralling shows. The next appointment will be at the 18th Crimson Pilgrimage at Gallio, in the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni. On Saturday 27 August, at 3 pm, the Jesolo Fanfare will perform a concert at Monte Melette, an area of bitter fighting in the Great War. On Sunday 4 September, instead, the Fanfare “Leopoldo Pellas” will inaugurate the Monument to the Bersagliere in Crespino (RO), parading through the streets of the town accompanied by brass instruments, in a fast-paced and captivating atmosphere. Events full of charm, history and tradition that allow us to preserve the memory of our past and our national identity.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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