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by Giovanni Cagnassi

La Pineta, also known as “Jesolo Pineta”, is a luxuriant Mediterranean green area that extends to the eastern shore of the tourist city. It crosses the hamlet of Cortellazzo, which was initially a small fishing village at the mouth of the Piave river, with its unique fishing nets.

From a tourist point of view, it less attended than the remaining lido; it is dotted with small villas, bungalows and buildings with low environmental impact.

In the Eighties and Nineties, it was also one of the most appreciated nightlife places and featured many famous nightclubs which were later closed to preserve the quietness desired by families who spent their holidays or bought their holiday house there.

Today there is still much to be discovered, with a vast green area enriched by Mediterranean flora and fauna, large pine groves and tracks that lead to the wild wood where rare species of birds, squirrels and other animals have found an unspoilt habitat.

The beach is surrounded by coastal dunes, which were recreated over the years to reproduce the natural protection once represented by a stretch of endless sand sloping towards the sea. This area is particularly interesting and deserves to be studied in depth. In fact, several decades ago, the beach represented a unique dune system, characterised by the presence of small lakes with salty water due to the passage of the tides.

The charm of this area rich in sea vegetation and history is still intact. In fact, La Pineta also keeps small forts dating back to the Second World War and is still regarded as an ideal location by the lovers of nature and tranquillity. Day trips are the perfect way to discover its secrets and beauties.


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