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La Fabbrica della Scienza | Summer 2022: we are upside down!

Upside down just like the house in the final section of Science Factory, where visitors try to overcome the force of gravity, experiencing the thrill of walking upside down on the ceiling! This experience was the most successful during the summer, with many visitors ready to take some selfies and post them on social networks. The experiences offered by the exhibition and guided by the attentive and professional staff were various and very exciting. Volcanoes, earthquakes, Tesla coil, virtual reality devices: these are just some of the most exciting moments that Science Factory has shared with you. The outdoor activities were also fundamental, such as the cooperation with SoleRosso Animazione, which entertained the children with playful activities, both on the beach during the day and in the squares in the evening. The winners received gadgets and free tickets to visit the Science Factory exhibitions. There were also numerous initiatives for families: the combined ticket with Tropicarium Park, the participation in local initiatives with “Oh yes”, the Holli Daytickets sale point, and the cooperation with Mondo Parchi and Viviparchi cards. The enthusiasm and passion of the staff were certainly the added value that helped achieve this great success, increasing the ambition for future projects. Science Factory is open every day until 30 September, then every weekend. To view the opening times, visit the website www.lafabbricadellascienza.it. Per info: exponaturaitalia@gmail.com
Via Aquileia, 123 www.lafabbricadellascienza.it exponaturaitalia@gmail.com
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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