JJ30_Jessica Brugali

Tiktoker with 10 million followers

“My passion for social media, dogs and the environment”
With over 10 million followers, Jessica Brugali is amongst the most popular influencers in Italy on the famous social network TikTok. Born near Bergamo, 29 years old, radio presenter, she came to Jesolo on holiday recently. We met her at the Galassia Hotel.
  • Jessica, how did your passion for social medias start?
It was very casual. I must say that I had my first experiences with various castings on TV programs such as “Avanti un Altro” or “Le Iene”. Then, thanks to an app, I became passionate about videos. Since then I started posting some videos and, thanks to the presence of my dog ​​and a comic part, I started sharing videos with thousands of views and a TikTok profile with millions of followers.  
  • Is there anyone who helps you?
Of course! My mom Emy who often acts as my cameraman.  
  • You are also very popular on Instagram …
Yes, and I must say that there I am more light-hearted.   
  • You mentioned “Le Iene”: were you really going to put on a jacket and tie?
I have a tough character; I would like to become a Iena. Who knows maybe in the future! Meanwhile, I make fun of them!  
  • You also work on the radio, why do you like it?
I was a radio presenter, I used to speak about events and concerts. Now I focus more on interviews with celebrities from the world of entertainment.  
  • Is there a singer you like?
Working on the radio I get to know a lot about Italian music that I like very much: one of my favourites is Ultimo.  
  • Had you already been to Jesolo?
Yes, as a child when I was a little girl. I had also paraded for Miss Padania. I hadn’t been here for a few years. In Jesolo there is a bit of everything, and you have fun. I am very attached to this city because I have good memories of it.   
  • In social media there is a lot of talk about haters. Have you ever dealt with them?
Fortunately not, perhaps because I’m very simple and I always try to be nice.  
  • Is there a message you want to convey to your followers?
To try and not waste anything. I like to promote this in my videos: safeguarding the environment we live in.
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