Jesolo Journal adopts a tree for every issue published

Trees are necessary to make paper, or rather millions of trees provide us with cellulose, which is essential for paper production. Can you figure out a world without paper? There would be no newspapers, notebooks, books, banknotes, photos, works of art, boxes, etc. This is how our “Adopt a tree” campaign was born, to reciprocate the precious favour that nature does us every day, making it possible to produce paper for our newspaper. Therefore, we have decided to plant a row of new trees to which we add, from time to time, another tree for each publication, in the hope that, year after year, they will grow healthy and strong, a symbol of a better future in harmony with the nature. We believe that the publishing industry, as it uses paper, should promote an eco-sustainable future increasingly oriented towards the safeguard of the environment and nature in its growth and in spaces. After all, if everyone does their part, we will win more easily. The plantations, once grown, will be our pride and will attest to our ability to keep a promise. The promise to create a better world, starting with the greenery that surrounds us.

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