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Jesolo and the tourist promotion

An activity deeply rooted in the history of this city

by Alessio Conforti

Beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions constantly inspire new rewarding ideas. However, the most important thing is to achieve the expected result. Promotion is embedded in the DNA of Jesolo, long before the economic boom and the success of the seaside resort.

As early as in the 1960s, the city was mentioned by the most important tourism fairs, like the international fair held in Milan, where visitors were welcomed by the visionary motto: “Lido of Jesolo. A beach for you. A paradise for your children”.

Moreover, Jesolo became popular abroad and drew the attention of international fairs and events. For example, in Munich, in 1969, the word ‘Jesolo’ stood out in the window of a famous car dealer. Seeing is believing.

Some years ago, a duck-shaped life-saver achieved great popularity and still today it is a true icon for tourists and citizens. It bore an inscription with both Jesolo and Venice: those who have kept these life-savers will never give them up!

With a long-term outlook, raffles were organised in which Fiat cars could be won. Obviously, these cars were embellished with the motto: “This summer! … In Jesolo Lido”. These are just a few examples of a long history.

Over time, the aim is always the same but the measures to be undertaken are different. Today there are social networks, where images and emotional videos are enhanced thanks to large-scale media. International markets require an increasingly deeper knowledge of the territory, and we must follow this trend. 

After all, it always comes to marketing strategies and measures which bore fruit and started the evolution of the promotion sector. Certainly, today promotion and marketing cannot do without technological initiatives but always rely on ancient secrets.

And still make the best of them.


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