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The dressing par excellence of Italian cuisine is undoubtedly extra virgin olive oil. Used and cultivated in practically every Italian region, oil is obtained from olives which in Italy more than in any other country, differ according to the region and place where they are cultivated. The varieties of olives are called cultivars. Italy alone, with its relatively small surface, has about 40% of the cultivars worldwide: there are more than 500 varieties of Italian olives. This makes it easy to understand why an olive oil from Liguria will taste completely different from an olive oil from Sicily. Our journey to the peninsula of treasures today pauses in Tuscany. The Italian jewel we want to talk to you about is the Chianti Classico oil, a rare and precious EVO oil. In a land historically suited to the production of wine and of which the famous Chianti is a symbol of undisputed quality, an oil with a strong personality is produced that will make you fall in love at the first taste. In Chianti Classico, olive trees were planted, especially in the Renaissance period under the dynasty of the Medici family. The early winters on the hills of Chianti Classico make olive growers harvest their olives relatively early compared to other more suitable territories. However, this characteristic makes the oil bitter and spicy, which are the two main qualities of a good EVO oil, making it strong and persistent.. 
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The DOP Chianti Classico oil by Giacomo Grassi, Tuscan artisan olive grower, smells of freshly mown grass and fresh olives. It is ideal for your bruschetta or on grilled meats and vegetables: an oil with this strong personality is what you need! You can find it on Gustatium.it

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