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A summer full of fashion, style, beauty and travels

  • Hi Irene, tell us about you. How would you like to introduce yourself?
    My name’s Irene Colzi, born in 1987 and of Florentine birth and I’ve been on the web for 10 years now. I started off as a blogger and now I’m what’s known as a Content Creator. I create the contents for the web related to fashion, style, beauty and travelling. I’m also known on the web as Irene’s Closet and create useful and fun information on learning how to use fashion to style ourselves by following the latest and current trends but at the same time creating our own personal “me” style. 
  • When and how did you start your blog?
    My blog Irene’s Closet went first online precisely ten years ago. It really started by chance when I was still at university. It was around that time that I began to follow the first American bloggers, the very first world Influencers. So I said to myself, why not? I like fashion, I like using the web to communicate, I want my blog to talk to the world! So, with no experience whatsoever, and with the help of Giovanni, my partner in life and in work, we created my blog, it was a bit of game, a bit of joke at first. Today, it is one of the reference portals on the web for fashion and not only. 
  • So you worked with Giova right from the beginning?
    Yes. I started working with Giova right from the beginning, and it was actually him who encouraged me to set up my blog ten years ago.  At the beginning it was only a hobby and when companies got interested in my web and blog, they began to contact us for work. At that point the web became my full-time job and that of Giovanni’s too and since we first started the blog he works alongside me as Content Creator as well as being my right arm in many of the aspects of this business. Without him, I couldn’t have done it.  
  • Blog, facebook, instagram, youtube, television and even a book. What communication channel do you prefer to use when you talk about yourself?
    Over the last few years the web has changed a lot and therefore, following trends in social networking,  I use a number of channels on various platforms, and even if many have decided to abandon a social media which is no longer considered “in”, I, on the other hand, have decided to continue working with these channels in parallel. I have to say that video is the channel that represents me most because it allows me to talk about myself in a more effective and intimate way rather than a photograph.  In particular the Instagram Stories are my preferred channel at the moment.  
  • How do you relate to the your followers?
    I’m really pleased with the relationships I have built over the years with my followers, it is a real community. There is no one-way relationship where I talk and others listen without interacting. I decided to create a community of people who can relate and interact with one another and with me. This is why I make sure I reply to comments as much as possible, to questions and to private messages. I enjoy the exchange of opinions and more than often I’ll ask my followers advice on things that I don’t know about. For example, travelling to places I haven’t visited before. A journey created by a 1000 different hands, as I see it, is always the best!
  • You, your boyfirend Giova and your brother Gabri are all going to Peru shortly, and I imagine you’re really excited. But what is your dream “holiday”?
    We’re all really excited, we’ve been planning to go to Peru for some time now and visit this magical country. I’ve been so very lucky as I have managed to visit two of my dream destinations, Australia and Japan. The next places on my wish list are the Savannah, Africa and the uncontaminated nature of South America. 
  • Regarding fashion have you got any projects on your wish list?
    Yes, absolutely. I like to reinvent myself always as I have been doing over the last ten years. It hasn’t been static but dynamic and in constant movement.
  • Just one last thing, three tips for the summer on fashion, travelling and beauty?
    Regarding fashion this is the first time over the recent seasons that we have seen such freedom in selecting the trends, which represent us. No more limitations but a lot more creativity. Full steam ahead with the imagination!
    As for travelling, a piece of advice, whatever the destination you have in mind, enjoy the experience in full, don’t close your eyes and leave your heart open. Never deny yourself this and the moments spent and shared with other people. Meeting new people and understanding different cultures, enriches us so much! 
    Beauty, being natural is what it is about. Free yourself of and get rid of anything that is too constructed, be it make-up, hairstyle, everything has to be, everything must seem spontaneous and natural with a pinch of Wild, even if it takes a lot of work. 

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