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Il Girasole is a small corner of Sardinia in Jesolo; Gea, the owner, expresses all her love for her land with competence and passion. The restaurant offers many traditional dishes, all prepared with fresh ingredients and great attention paid to preparation: besides culurgiones and malloreddus, rigorously homemade, the restaurant serves the famous porcheddu and pane carasau, together followed by the exquisite sweets typical of Sardinia. The menu also includes excellent fresh fish dishes, such as the two-level super appetizer with fish preparations as well as fried and grilled food based on seasonal products. The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday for lunch. It is also possible to order and pick up the takeaway dishes to enjoy the Sardinian cuisine comfortably at home.
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Via F Gioia, 25 | tel 0421 341556 


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