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Unique tastes

The only restaurant in Jesolo where you can taste excellent Sardinian dishes is Piazza Torino. Il Girasole is the perfect solution to learn more about a place through its traditional flavours, aromas and colours. Gea, the owner, expresses her love for the land with great competence and passion, from the careful research and selection of top-quality ingredients to the great care and attention that she pays to every single dish. The wide selection of dishes, all strictly homemade, includes the traditional Sardinian specialties: culurgiones, malloreddus, fregula, the famous carasau bread, roasted suckling pig and seada, the typical dessert stuffed with pecorino cheese and seasoned with honey. There are also fish-based dishes, such as excellent appetizers, first and second courses prepared with fresh fish, including the popular two-level appetizer, as well as fried and grilled food that will make your mouth water. These delicious dishes should be accompanied by equally good wines: in fact, the restaurant offers a rich selection of wines, including the Sardinian ones. Those who want to try new tastes can enjoy the tasting menu prepared upon demand, or taste the specialties of Sardinian cuisine at home, by ordering and taking away their food. This unique experience is rounded off by the food quality and the skilful staff who is always kind and helpful, where the cuisine recalls the traditional dishes, all prepared with the utmost care and attention, which help keep traditions alive and build our identity.

Via F Gioia, 25 | tel 0421 341556 

Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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