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“In my shows, I focus on the soul, a word that is likely to disappear”

by Alessio Conforti

He is one of the most popular protagonists in the Italian entertainment world, a comedian who has amused (and still amuses) various generations, not only in the “Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo” trio, but also as a soloist in the Italian theatres. His shows are always well-attended and appreciated by the audience, as happened in the “Russolo” theatre in Portogruaro. Giacomo Poretti, 63 years old, from Milan, interpreted and wrote a show entitled “Fare un’anima”, which collects digressions and reflections on a topic discussed for centuries, but totally absent in the current anatomy books.

  • What is the characteristic of this work?
    First of all, it is a monologue. The speaker is the soul, which is really likely to disappear in our modern times. 
  • In your opinion, why is it happening?
    Because words like these are no longer uttered, thought or written. The show relies on a challenging reflection made by the character on stage.
  • What is this reflection?
    When the son of this character is born, the priest says: «Well, you have made a body, now you have to make a soul.» This line triggers a funny but also disturbing question about the meaning of this statement.
  • Now let’s talk about you. Is it easier to play as a soloist or with the “Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo” trio?
    Obviously, it is easier to play with the trio. We are a well-knit group; we have been working together for almost thirty years and have been mutually acting as stooges: this support is great. The theatre shows, where I am alone, are completely different and somehow special.
  • Do you regard yourself as a “one-man show”?
    Well, this experience brings me back to my roots. I have worked in the movie, television and theatre world. The latter, however, is more immediate and puts you in close contact with the audience.
  • What are the differences compared to the other worlds that you have mentioned?
    The TV and movie worlds are more complex and technical, while theatre offers more immediate satisfactions.

Successfully on stage

Giacomo Poretti was born on 26 April 1956 in Villa Cortese, near Milan. He is one of the most famous Italian comedians. Together with Aldo Baglio and Giovanni Storti he founded the well-appreciated trio called “Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo”. Besides comedy, Giacomo Poretti also took part in various theatrical, cinematographic and television projects, either alone or accompanied by his two partners. The three comedians shot films which have become a cornerstone in the history of the Italian comedy.


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