“The aim is to shorten the distances with the local realities”

by Maurizio Conti and Alessio Conforti

Starting from the smallest realities to make the world of football greater. This is the aim of the president of the FIGC (Italian Football Federation) Gabriele Gravina, who visited the headquarters of the Veneto Regional Committee in Mestre some weeks ago to meet the representatives of amateur and youth football. A taste of the absolute joy for the victory of our national team at the European Championship.

  • President Gravina, what was the goal of your travel to Veneto?
    Having a first-hand glance at the situation of provincial football, explaining the measures that we have undertaken and giving further answers to the critical issues that emerged from the long stop required by the pandemic.
  • In general, what is your approach?
    My goal is to shorten the distance between the FIGC and the local realities, gathering useful information to offer our support to local football teams. It all started with the allocation of some funds and the approval of rules that led to the recovery of the activities, thus developing a plan aimed at including once again 200,000 members who have given up football in the last year. We must do it for young players and their families, because, without sport, this generation will be paralysed. Football, on the other hand, is the best cure, because it favours human relationships. 
  • What is the state of health of the most popular sport in Italy?
    There is great excitement about football, but this applies to every sector. Perhaps, football is the one that has best reacted to the difficulties resulting from the pandemic, from an economic and a social point of view. It was a strong reaction.
  • What can you tell us about our region?
    Veneto is a flagship, in terms of entrepreneurial and organisational dynamism. An example, in terms of quality and ability, is the Venezia team, which proves the importance to exploit football as a means of communication to spread the architectural and historical peculiarities of the city.
  • Venezia in Serie A is a beautiful message from Italy to the whole world…
    The landing of Venezia in Serie A also has a symbolic meaning. Football offers great visibility and helps promote the knowledge of the territories.
  • What are your wishes?
    I would like to see another “Venezia”!

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