My # is the stage, where I can be exactly myself”

At the Vivaldi theatre in Jesolo for “Verso Nuove Stagioni”, the well known Italian comedian Gabriele Cirilli tells us how his new, successful show was born. It’s called #talequalemeagain. Laughs are assured!

  • Gabriele, what does your show talk about?
    It’s a virtual album: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. An album of my personal images and from each photograph or video a monologue starts, a song or dance. 
  • How did you think about speaking of these fragments of your life?
    I was having dinner with my son and he told me “Dad show your friends your Instagram”. I started showing the photos, talking about them. I could see that my friends were having fun. So I asked myself “Why not bring all of this to the stage?” I have to say that it was successful…. 
  • So people like the idea of mixing real life with virtual social life?
    Today we cannot live without social media’s, even if I am of another generation but we have to move along with time. Otherwise you remain behind. 
  • We all remember the famous “Who is Tatiana” from the show Zelig. The cabaret world has changed in the last 15 years?
    I don’t think it’s changed. The evolution has been in the way we see it: once it was on TV. Now you just have to go online or on social networks. Only the viewing channels has changed, the importance is to know how to make people laugh! 
  • How do you choose your characters?
    Based on real life. I observe a lot all the different angles of today. From there my inspiration is born! 
  • Yours is a positive return to Veneto and Jesolo…
    I’m very glad to be back because I enjoy staying here and the food is great! The Venetian language is splendid, very musical. I love you! 

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