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From World War I to the history of Jesolo

The beauty of the countryside track

by Alessio Conforti

Are you ready to cycle through the places of World War I enjoying the surrounding environment and the ancient finds dating back to the past of Jesolo? Then follow the famous Percorso Blu (Blue Route), which connects the most beautiful places of the Jesolo countryside.

Starting from Piazza I Maggio, in the heart of the city centre, take Via Donizetti and then turn left, along Via Roma Sinistra, until the junction with Via Trinchet, a road leading to the Ca’ Fornera hamlet. As you ride, you will live a rural experience among cultivated fields and scented flowers. The route will take you close to the Piave river, where you can take a cycle path that runs alongside the river until Cortellazzo through via Massaua. This town rich in history was the scene of various battles of World War I.

Once you have crossed the bridge, continue to the right along Via Cavetta Marina, a road that will take you directly to Jesolo in a context in close contact with nature and the countryside. Once on the bridge of the city centre, turn into via Donizetti and ride until the beginning of via Antiche Mura. This area is a dive into the past of Jesolo, the ancient Equilium, as attested to by extraordinary historical, religious and monument remains. It is worth getting off the bicycle and admiring their beauty. A break before leaving for a new destination.

JJ16_Pista Ciclabile_ jesolo_percorso blu

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