“Technology evolves but the cornerstones of journalism remain”

by Alessio Conforti

Youth and information, an extremely actual and current combination that is not always easy to read. We discussed this with Ferruccio De Bortoli, in past editor in chief of important Italian newspapers as Corriere della Sera and Il Sole 24 ore. Today, both readers and journalists find themselves having to deal with the so-called “digital revolution”, a phenomena that has developed from the modern means of communication as internet and social networks, with all the related implications. Good and bad.  


  • How would you explain journalism to who wants to start a career in this industry?
    The cornerstones of communication and journalism remain the same as in the past.  It’s about reporting what is going on around us in a true and enthralling way, grabbing public interest and accustoming the readers to complex arguments which cannot be over simplified. 
  • What’s the risk then?
    Over simplification, which unfortunately happens when reporting politics today, has negative implications that is thinking there are “shortcuts to reality”.  Reality, however, will always surface. 
  • What’s the rule to correct journalism?
    Good journalism presents its readers and public opinion with the need to make decisions and to be aware of the present so as to look to the future. 
  • We are right in the middle of the “digital revolution” which is lived first hand by youngsters.  What changes do you foresee over the next few years?
    Despite how the publishing industry is moving forwards, technology changes but there is the necessity to have valid testimonies and talented reporters. People who explain that when facing reality there is a selection to be made by importance.  
  • What’s the difference, in this sense, with the past?
    In the past censure was possible that is to impede publishing something. Today, this is extremely difficult.
  • In the digital world the person is faced with a multitude of information. How do you think people should react?
    The reader must have the possibility of selecting the news, that is understanding what is important and what isn’t. 


Who is Ferruccio De Bortoli

Is one of the most acknowledged journalists on the Italian news scene. Of Milan origins, 66 in May, throughout his long career he has been editor in chief of important newspapers as Corriere della Sera (twice) and the Sole 24 Ore. His career in journalism began in 1973 after graduating in law. Over the years he has signed off a number of publications above all related to journalism. 



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