Fabrizio Nonis

“Cooking is passion!”

Passion for meat and communicator of taste par excellence. This is Fabrizio Nonis, the national face of TV programs dedicated to cuisine. Journalist, ambassador, and testimonial, we met him during a break in the filming of his latest program.
  • You were born in Canada and raised in the Venetian area. What is the link with your country of origin? I have beautiful memories of Canada. I lived there until I was 8 years old. Then my father, naturally, decided that I should study at the university college after my obligatory military time. In Toronto, I earned a master’s degree in international public relations. It is an extraordinary nation.
  • How do you sum up these long years of television career? It was incredible. TV allowed me to grow and become who I am today, putting myself out there without becoming arrogant.
  • The decisive stages? The Taste column of TG5, for nine years, almost 400 episodes. Then, in Rai, the Prova del Cuoco and È sempre Mezzogiorno!
  • Who were your mentors? First of all Toni Capuozzo, then Gioacchino Bonsignore and Antonella Clerici. Three names to which I owe a lot. Capuozzo as with him I learned what it means to be a journalist beyond simply the sector you occupy, Bonsignore who taught me how to communicate food on television and Clerici for how to entertain whilst always remaining true to yourself.
  • Future projects? I just finished a new program for Sky’s Gambero Rosso. Soon we are shooting the new series of “The Best Beker,” the first program entirely dedicated to butchers on Discovery’s Food Network. Then 10 new episodes of “Beker On Tour Grill Edition” and at the end of autumn the fourth Sky series of “Morocco by Beker”.
  • What qualities do you need to be a good cook? I am and remain a butcher. But I do understand a little on cooking. There are two secrets: passion and perseverance.
  • How is the world of cooking changing? It is becoming simple again. Chefs finally understood that cooking cannot be judged solely by appearance. TV shows with hyperbolic dishes have had their day.
  • How should it be instead? Cooking is passion, never predictable. Creative and refined through ingredients, well combined to be healthy and nutritious.
  • Your favorite summer dish? The Costata di Reale, from the ‘scottona’ beef.
  • And the winter one? Absolutely the brasato (a stew)!
  • What wines do we pair them with? The first with an Amarone or a Refosco. The second with a Pignolo.
  • Among your great passions there is football and your favorite team … I was born with Inter coming from an Inter family. Not overly crazy about football but passionate.
  • What does Fabrizio Nonis do in his spare time? Fabrizio Nonis has no free time! What little I have I dedicate to myself. Time is precious and has a great value: it does not come back and cannot be bought.

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