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Evening markets in Jesolo | Don’t miss the dates!

Jesolo is ready for a summer full of markets. Here you can find an overview of the events scheduled from 15 June to the end of July in various areas of the city. The opening time is from 05.30 pm to 12 am. In Piazza Nember, Bontà e Benessere will take place on 30 June as well as on 4, 5, 21 and 29 July. The nearby Via dei Mille will host Mercanti d’Autore on 28 June and 26 July. Piazza Aurora will welcome Bontà e Benessere on 17 June and 12 July, while Mercanti d’Autore is scheduled for 30 June. Piazza Mazzini will host Bontà e Benessere on 20 June, Langolo dell’arte on 25 July and Mercanti d’Autore on 27 June as well as on 11 and 18 July. Mercanti d’Autore will take place in Piazza Casabianca on 23 June, while l’Angolo dell’Arte is scheduled for 17 June and then 1, 15 and 29 July. Piazza Casabianca will also welcome Mercanti d’Autore on 7 and 21 July. In Piazza Manzoni, the markets will take place on 21 and 28 June as well as on 5, 12, 19 and 26 July. Piazza Milano will host l’Angolo dell’Arte on 30 June and 22 July, while Piazza Torino will be enlivened by Markets under the stars on 24 and Bontà e Benessere on 28 June, an event also scheduled for 14 July. The square will also be the setting for Mercanti d’Autore on 28 July. Eventually, in Cortellazzo, Mercanti d’Autore will be held in Piazza Bersagliere on 25 June and 30 July.

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