“I will tell you about my passion for rap”

by Alessio Conforti

He is one of the most appreciated and well-known rappers in Italy. Ensi, pseudonym of Jarod Ivan Vella, has participated in the last edition of Home Festival, successful event that recently took place in Parco San Giuliano in Mestre. The singer, 33 years old, from Alpignano near Turin, brought to the stage the energy for which he is well known. We met him a couple of minutes before his show. We weren’t disappointed!

  • How popular is rap in Italy in this historic moment of change for musical genres?
    This is a “punk moment” for music. Rap in Italy has contributed to the diffusion of other musical genres which in these recent years have become more popular. For example Italian indie, that has much in common with our environment: the way it’s written, the language, but also the attitude. 
  • Rap is making history…
    Let’s say that it has revolutionised Italian music in the last 10 years. We mustn’t forget however that it is a solid genre that has a precise history. 
  • How is it now?
    It has never been stronger than now. I see this genre as a great river and the other genres as affluents, which according to their strength they bring more or less water. 
  • With what spirit do you compose music?
    In this era of music chameleons, my objective is to continue to represent what I have always represented. 
  • In February your sixth album was released, “Clash”. What makes it special?
    The attitude and the passion that I put into writing my music. Two components that in these recent years have always accompanied me. 
  • What is the moment that makes you most proud?
    Having consolidated myself in the world of Italian rap, and being always associated with this genre. 
  • You have Sicilian origins but you grew up in Turin. Has this culture mix influenced your music?
    This genre has always expressed the concept of representing a city or region. My imprinting is from Turin because I was born there. But at the same time I talk about my roots, representing everything in an honest way. It doesn’t matter where you come from or your social status: what matters is the story you are telling and how you are telling it. 
  • What does it mean to you participating to an heterogeneous music event such as Home Festival?
    I have always loved concerts, independently from the type of public that is infront of me. For me it is a great privilege to be part of Home, one of the most important national music events, with fans from various musical genres coming from the whole of Italy.  
  • Do you feel responsibility for the messages that music sends to youngsters from the new generations?
    I think that giving big responsibility to music is wrong. Personally I have always been careful about the message I send across, not for fear of being criticised but for the fact that I am aware that I have an important instrument in my hands. I never shoot into the water, however, I also send important messages. Singers do not have the solution, but they represent a breaking point that in good or bad ways make you reflect about this important subject. This is the job that our music should do. 

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