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From a job in a bank to instant theatre, from training to charity initiatives, from Zelig to political satire, Enrico Bertolino is like wine, he improves over the years by performing his shows on old wooden stages.

  • Cinema, television, theatre, cabaret, books, edutainment and training, your artistic and professional personality consists of many aspects, what is the prevailing one?
    Being multitasking has always been one of my attitudes, I like to change and evolve. The place where I feel most at ease is the theatre stage that allows me to confront myself with a true audience and to exceed all its expectations.
  • What are the unforgettable moments of your life?
    The birth of my daughter: she arrived after a long time, but filled our lives with joy. From a professional point of view, my debut on the TV with Seven Show, followed by Ciro on Italia 1; however, most of my best memories are associated with theatre.
  • The Inter soccer club and your commitment with “Vida a Pititinga Onlus”, how did you start this activity?
    Inter is a passion shared with my family from generations: after all, you cannot change either your mother or your soccer club. “Vida Pititinga Onlus” was born from an idea that I had with my partner Edna, who comes from Brazil. In 2004, we decided to visit Pititinga, a small town in the North-East of the Country, where we established a non-profit “fundacao” to help the local communities and children. There we built Inter Campus (a school equipped with a soccer and volley court), a kindergarten and 14 houses, thanks to the money collected. For further information and to contribute to the project, search for “Fundacao Vida a Pititinga” on the Internet. 
  • Would you like to thank someone for your artistic career?
    Surely, my parents, who never influenced my choices. I started to work as a comedian when I was 37 years, after 11 years spent in a bank and as many years dedicated to Training and Consultancy. Then, my colleagues at Zelig, with whom I grew up and shared the amazing experience of cabaret on the TV. Finally, I would like to thank the authors, directors, musicians and friends, who always help me learn new lessons in a funny way. I have always admired Walter Chiari’s talent, Raimondo Vianello,’s elegance and style, Massimo Troisi’s expressivity, although models are just references, since imitation is like creating a copy of the original.
  • What do you do to draw the attention of the audience?
    I try to walk in their shoes and understand their expectations from the show; moreover, I usually apply the Communication Techniques that I had learnt and taught to managers and the people who attended my courses, including Public Speaking and Media Training, for which I studied in the USA and in Scandinavia. Then, I’m always passionate and committed, which, in my opinion, are two important requirements in each work and are paid off by the esteem and smiles, both for me and the backstage technicians and professionals.
  • Have you ever been to Jesolo?
    Jesolo has always been a mythical location for me; when I was a young boy, I was forced by my family to spend my holidays in the mountains for 18 years, but I still remember the postcards that my friend and schoolmates sent to me with “Greetings from Jesolo”, where I often saw pictures of girls that made me … dream. Over time, I found out that the Eastern coastline, including Jesolo, is beautiful and welcoming in every time of the year. If there is a nice theatre in Jesolo, I hope that my dream will come true! 
  • How do you spend your summer? What are your future projects?
    I adapt to the school activities of my daughter. I’ll join her and my partner in Brazil at the end of July. Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for the new theatre season, and maybe you’ll see me on the TV as well.  As regards future, artists like me are like wine: we must refine on old wood, which is precisely what theatre stages are made of. 
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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