JJ21_laguna del mort_jesolo_ph emanuele bonadio

Discover Mort lagoon and its unspoiled landscape

by Manuel Pavanello

The beach of the Mort lagoon, which covers an area of 125 hectares, originated from a flood of the Piave river in 1935, in a place in front of the last branch of the mouth between Cortellazzo and Eraclea Mare. Basically, it is a “dead branch” of the river sacred to the Country. To reach it on foot, just pass through the city of Eraclea, however, from a legal point of view, the beach actually belongs to the Jesolo municipality. The access by land and the north-western side are covered by a pine forest (Valle Ossi) which entirely falls within the territory of Eraclea, while the “Mort beach” belongs to Jesolo.

There are many noteworthy elements from a naturalistic point of view. The local flora is evocative and includes, in addition to pines and junipers, many herbaceous plants such as beach grass, sea holly and sea rocket. The typical fauna is quite varied and includes some species that have almost disappeared in urban areas, such as hares, weasels, European green toads, green lizards and generally non-venomous snakes. Many species of birds can be spotted here, like teals, plovers, mallards, garganeys, grey and red herons, little egrets, buzzards and honey buzzards. It is no coincidence that this beautiful, wild and unspoilt place was included among the 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy by Legambiente in 2003.

Don’t miss this area of our city and discover its extremely varied environment. What are you waiting for?

Keep calm … and enjoy the view!

JJ21_laguna del mort_jesolo_ph emanuele bonadio

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