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Cycle paths | Riviera Piave, riding along the river 

The discovery of an enchanting place surrounded by history and nature. This is Cortellazzo, a hamlet rich in tradition in terms of food, wine and environment. If you stay in the city, don’t miss visiting these locations at least once. Riding your bike, of course, along an amazing route that runs along the Piave river. Regardless of the way you come from, try this itinerary. Then head towards the mouth of the river sacred to our Fatherland.  Once you arrive in the area, follow the river upstream along the bankside road, Via Massaua. Then, turn right following the signs that will lead you to the dirt road / pedestrian-cycle path that runs along the river. The track is largely frequented and equipped for the excursion: it will take you to San Donà di Piave through the nearby Eraclea. It is nicknamed “the pink route.” It is about 25 km long and is not particularly difficult. You can enjoy the beauty of the local environment, take pictures of locations that cannot be seen by car and, above all, amplify the experience of your holiday by adding sports and relaxing hours. After all (and fortunately), Jesolo is multi-faceted. Seeing is believing.

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