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Cycle paths | From Jesolo along the longest cantilevered cycle path in Europe

Would you like to experience the magic of the oldest villages of the peninsula, visiting the inhabited area of ​​Sant’Erasmo and Lio Piccolo, one of the main ports of ancient times, while admiring breath-taking sunsets? Well, this itinerary is called “Purple Path”, and is one of the protagonists of Jesolo Ambient Bike, a program dedicated to cyclists who love to explore the surroundings of the city. This route is 36 km long, with the possibility of adding 24 km.  In any case, this itinerary is easy and accessible to everyone. The journey starts from Jesolo, turns towards Cavallino and in particular via Pordelio, a street that will take you to the cantilevered cycle path on the lagoon, the longest one in Europe. In the town of Ca ‘Ballarin, you will return on provincial road 42 (via Fausta) up to the entrance to the hamlet of Treporti. Then you can choose from two alternatives, depending on your tiredness and your desire to discover the territory. On the left, you can take the boat to the island of Sant’Erasmo, while, on the right, the destination is Lio Piccolo, a unique oasis with an incredible mix of emotions. The past of these territories is rooted here.  And once you have discovered this place, you will count the days until you come back. Don’t miss it!
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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