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From Jesolo to Treviso following the Sile river. Don’t miss this experience, along a path full of emotions that will allow you to touch the beauty of the area first-hand. The path is over 50 kilometres long. From the “Torre del Caigo”, in the Jesolo area, head north following the river to reach a route called Restera, which was once the shore used by animals to tow river boats. The initial direction is Caposile, after 11 km of lagoon eaves, and then Portegrandi, the mouth of the river until the creation of the Venetian “deviation” dating back to the end of the 17th century. From Ca’Tron, head towards Roncade and, in particular, the hamlet of Musestre. This is the Marca Trevigiana. In Casale sul Sile, the path crosses the river and leads first to Rivalta and then to Lughignano. The route continues in the colourful town of Casier and then in the Burci cemetery, an archaeological site worth being discovered. From the Silea sluice, the cycle path follows the left bank of the river to Via Alzaia, on the outskirts of the capital and close enough to the city centre. What is the direction then? To the dirt roads that alternate with uncrowded paths that lead to the springs between Casacorba di Albaredo and Piombino Deso, where the Sile river, or rather the “fontanasso dea Coa Longa” is born, which connects this peaceful place with the mouth in the Adriatic Sea, almost in the blink of an eye.


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