JJ17_Clizia Fornasier

From Conegliano to Rome, passing by Jesolo

by Elisa Panto

Winner of Miss Italia, the national beauty pageant, TV presenter, actress, writer. Married to Attilio Fontana, actor and singer, with whom she had two children. We met her a few days ago in Rome, where she lives.

Hello Clizia! Can you tell us how did your career start?
It all began when I watched Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth”. I was just a little girl and, for the first time, I wished I could live a thousand fantastic lives in my then little life.

Among the actors with whom you worked, who is the one that you appreciate most?
I have always been a fan of Verdone, so the first time I met Carlo Verdone is one of the best memories of my career. However, my favourite actor is … Attilio Fontana, for many reasons!

What are the most important and funniest moments of your career?
Every new project has been important. Maybe, the character of Sole in a fiction called “Piper” is the most satisfying experience of my career. The funniest and most intense moments are associated with “Tale e quale show.”

Can you tell us about your latest book “È il suono delle onde che resta”?
It is a story that took shape inside of me and needed to be brought outside and told, as if the ideas were not just fantasies but simple traces left by the passage of someone who has really experienced those events.

Describe yourself with three adjectives.
Honest, creative, welcoming.

What kind of mom are you?
I always try to be there for my children; I don’t like to delegate this role to someone else. But I’m getting better. I begin to feel the urgent need to take some time for myself, to write books and focus on my work.

What is your long-cherished dream?
A film beyond the national borders, in a different language, a difficult but satisfying role. I would also like to keep on writing stories that could be turned into films, and, eventually, I wish for my family to be blessed with good health and happiness.

How often do you come back to Conegliano?
Very often. My parents are always looking forward to seeing their grandchildren, and I like going back to my parents’ house where I have the privilege of feeling like a little girl again for some days.

Can you tell us your beauty secret?
I totally avoid all those things that could be harmful to my body. I’ve never drunk (although I’m from Treviso) and I’ve never smoked, but I love to sleep. I try to follow the Hay diet and moisturize my skin with natural oils rich in vitamin E.

What are your suggestions for the last days of summer?
Getting your fill of vitamin D while you’re walking outdoors, filling your eyes with the beauties of this season that is going to end soon, and reading, because it is the most efficient remedy against sadness.

Are you familiar with Jesolo? Do you still go there?
Jesolo is associated with the songs of my adolescence, the travels by bus with my friends to go there as soon as the school ended, the way I felt somehow more mature, the beginning of the best time of my life.


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