JJ23_bambini in spiaggia_spiaggia campo da gioco

Children at the beach

What are we playing today?

by Elisa Panto

The beach can quickly be transformed into many different environments, perfect for experimenting with many new games.

JJ23_bambini in spiaggia_spiaggia lavagna

The chalkboard beach

The sand can also become a beautiful blackboard and a stick is enough to use as chalk to draw, write or play many games, such as hangman or tic-tac-toe

JJ23_bambini in spiaggia_spiaggia laboratorio

The laboratory beach

Infinite experiments can be invented with sand. A little imagination is enough to create real magic. From classic sand sculptures decorated with shells, to little chef-style meatballs, to bucket-to-bucket decanting, to swimming pools for dolls and toy cars.

The beach gym

Choose your sport, set boundaries and build your own gym! The sand is a perfect stage on which to perform with handstands, wheels and splits, martial arts, dance steps, without the danger of getting hurt!

JJ23_bambini in spiaggia_spiaggia campo da gioco

The beach playing field

Five-a-side football, rugby, volleyball and many other sports and ball games can be played by the sea or even in the water, always paying attention to nearby people and choosing the least crowded moments of the day. If you are a good group, you can also rediscover, with the help of mum and dad, the games of the past, such as captive ball, pinball, bowls and marbles.

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