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“Discotheques are sociality and culture”

Bruno Power, a well-known DJ from Turin who started his career 30 years ago, is one of the protagonists of Techno Hardstyle. We have contacted him now that the summer is about to begin. The perfect season for fun. Bruno, you have been working as a deejay for more than thirty years. What is the secret to entertaining various generations? Rather than a secret, I think that the key is a wide experience in this sector. I just look at the people dancing on the dance floor. I don’t care if they want me to switch from one genre to another. The most important thing for me is to have a lot of people in front of me What is the record that have you have played the most in all these years? Surely it is Telekoma: it is very popular! When did you start dreaming about becoming a DJ? I was a child when my brother-in-law gave me a CD player and a mixer. Then at a local festival, I saw a DJ play for the first time: it was love at first sight! What is the most beautiful and evocative place where you played? Actually, there is more than just one place. First of all the Shock discotheque in Cuneo, built from scratch together with Alex Mendicino and Ivan Talko. Then the first parties in Europe. Certainly, X-Qlusive in Holland, Qubase in Germany, The Quontinent in Belgium, and Fabrik in Madrid! You often spend your holidays in Jesolo. How did you get to know this city? I have been spending my holidays in Jesolo for many years. As a child, my dad took us to Sottomarina in Veneto; then, I visited also the surrounding cities: Caorle, Jesolo and Venice. Veneto is in my heart. What do you like most about Jesolo? I like everything: nice city, nice people, great beach. And then the two coloured towers that stand out from afar. What is missing in Jesolo but shouldn’t be missing, in your opinion? I have known Jesolo for many years but I have noticed one thing: where have all the clubs gone? There were lots of opportunities for the youth. Now I see only pubs, restaurants and cafés. But what about discotheques? They are missing in Jesolo, but would be very useful. Why? Because, in my opinion, discotheques are places where people can blow off the stress accumulated during a week of work. After all, discotheques are sociality and culture.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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