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Bricks Experience 

Near Piazza Marconi, in Via Bafile 30, the ‘Bricks Experience’ exhibition has been set up, an exhibition of works entirely built with LEGO, the world’s most famous bricks. There are many incredible reproductions on the theme of mobility, a journey to discover the most famous means of transport in history, recreated and built by international artists from all over the world. Aeroplanes, trains, missiles and amazing ships, such as the famous ocean liner Titanic, which with its 200,000 bricks reaches a length of 7 metres. One hundred and fifty spectacular works to admire, but also many playful and interactive areas to entertain enthusiasts of all ages, with educational-pedagogical areas for the youngest, virtual experiences and areas where you can unleash your creativity and imagination with wonderful constructions. Bricks Experience is open every day until 25 September 2022, with continuous opening hours from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. (last admission) and awaits you for an unforgettable experience of art, history and fun. More information can be found on the dedicated webpage www.bricksexperience.it
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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