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Bricks Experience | Jesolo coloured with millions of Lego bricks!

In Jesolo, in the very central Via Bafile, 30, near Piazza Marconi, is Bricks Experience, the largest and most complete Lego exhibition ever held in Italy. As many as 150 incredible works can be admired, created by famous foreign artists. The exhibition is made up of more than two million Lego bricks and is an exhibition on the history of mobility, where one can admire reproductions, built entirely with Lego, of the most famous means of transport such as the ocean liner Titanic and the most famous trains, planes and missiles. And that’s not all, because the fun is enriched by a play area dedicated to children and not only, where there are two swimming pools in which to immerse yourself with thousands of bricks, which will allow you to unleash your imagination and invent incredible constructions with the famous bricks, and also an interactive area where you can try out some imaginative virtual reality experiences. An authentic adventure to be enjoyed at all ages, because Lego is educational and timeless, and not only appeals to children, but above all to adults. Bricks Experience is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (last admission).  For info: www.bricksexperience.it

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