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Our best friend under the beach umbrella

Di Elisa Panto

After hours playing on the beach, it is time to relax our body and sit under a beach umbrella in company of our best friend: the book!

JJ22_Bambini_libri in spiaggia_Gisella Pipistrella_Nino la Talpa_Rosicchio
Beach readings

Did you ever hear about “Gisella Pipistrella” (Gisella, the bat), which the other animals consider, in a way, slightly mad because all she sees, hears and says, turns out to be upside down? Or about “Nino la Talpa” (Nino the mole) who cannot see an inch from his nose and believes that his beautiful female has fallen in love with a coat hanger and then gives to Riccio (a hedgehog) a pair of underwear instead of a hat as a gift. Or the small Warren who invites to his home for a weekend “Rosicchio”, the hamster of the class, without thinking of his friend Drago (a dragon) who considers it an appetizing snack? These are only some of the titles of perfect books for the younger ones to enjoy some relaxing moments between one dive to another!

The Librobus

In summer the books arrive at the Squares! Thanks to a special minibus it is possible to borrow books a few steps from the beach. More then 1000 books from the library, magazines, novelty of fiction and non fiction, books for adults and children.

You can find all the places where the “Librobus” stops on the website:


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