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La custode dei peccati

by Megan Campisi  Collecting the latest confessions of dying people, preparing food for every sin committed and finally eating them […] Sin Eaters, women despised by everyone and forced to silence, must carry out a hard and terrible task, but May won’t have it! 

Solo è il coraggio. Giovanni Falcone, il romanzo 

by Roberto Saviano This is the story of a man who doesn’t give up, who tries to make a difference, who didn’t want to be a martyr or a hero. First they dig the dirt on you, then they isolate you, and finally they kill you. This novel tells a tragic chapter in Italian history.
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It ends with us 

by Colleen Hoover Does loving mean forgiving at any cost? It looks like a common evening in Boston, but not for Lily Bloom who has just attended the funeral of her father, the man who took Atlas, her first love, away from her. Now she is with Ryle, but something about him upsets her …


Did you let your literary work “decant”? Good! Now you are now ready to read what you have written. Focus analytically and slowly on each word, avoiding a global reading of the text; stay in a quiet and well-lit place. Check the spelling, grammar and punctuation marks. More importantly, check that the sequence of sentences makes logical sense, that it smoothly flows … It sounds like the composition of a music track, where each note has its own precise role to make up a perfect melody. What is the next step? Delete any superfluous element.   

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