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L’uranio di Mussolini

by Franco Forte and Vincenzo Vizzini  In 1934, police commissioner Vincenzo Ibla investigates a in the Spaccaforno quarries where a corpse has been found. Once at the site, he sees the remains of an old brother-in-arms of his, Vittorio Borgia. Franco Durante has been entrusted with the investigations directly by Mussolini.


by James Ellroy ‘50s L.A: Freddy Otash is a private investigator and the right-hand man of the Confidential tabloid, who will investigate the conspiracy against Jack Kennedy during the race for the presidency in the United States of America.
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C’era una volta a Hollywood

by Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino’s first novel is a story of desire and redemption of Hollywood stars: while everything is changing, the power of the imagination acts like a siren whose song is difficult to resist.


After having carefully read your text, the most difficult moment comes: eliminating the excess of lemmas that clash in your work. Long concepts may bore readers, who, in this case, just skip some pages, or worse still, give up the book. This would be a real shame, because the work may deserve to be finished. You must be able to draw the readers’ attention, providing the right amount of information and avoiding being redundant with superfluous explanations full of generally incomprehensible and futile epithets. What is the next step? Find the title among the words written. Don’t miss the next issue!
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