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Autumn, risk of extreme events?

Summer is at an end, attention is now turning to the autumn months and the type of weather that will characterise the new season. The last few months have highlighted climate change, convincing even the most sceptical. The data speak for themselves: in Italy, the average increase in temperature is +2°C and the sea has warmed by more than 2°/4°C compared to recent years. All this is a deadly trigger for the genesis of extreme climatic events. Our country is increasingly susceptible to such phenomena… Cloudbursts, tornadoes, downbursts, prolonged heat waves, droughts and hailstorms: since the beginning of 2022, more than 140 events have caused considerable damage in urban areas. In Veneto, we have witnessed adverse weather situations: the piedmont, Vicenza and lower Verona areas have been among the hardest hit, while the drought has mainly affected the eastern area and the coast, even giving rise to the saline wedge phenomenon in rivers. Concern is now caused by the mere thought of how the area will react to the Atlantic disturbances and the low pressure that will form over the upper Adriatic. As we know, heat produces energy, which in meteorology becomes fuel for extreme events. This is not to be pessimistic, it is to set off alarm bells, and investing in prevention is fundamental for the protection of the territory and people. Italy continues to lack a national climate adaptation plan, now in draft since 2018! Emergencies must be tackled with an appropriate strategy, with innovative policies and, above all, with timely interventions, starting with small municipalities, through suitable and effective action plans to safeguard the territory.   Municipal emergency plan for adverse climatic events The Municipality of Jesolo has its own emergency plan, but in order for it to work, the collaboration of every citizen is necessary, because the behaviour of the population affected by natural disasters or adverse climatic events must be traced back to what is defined as “Civil Protection Culture” or “Self Protection”. Adequate knowledge and preparation enables each one of us, when we find ourselves in risk situations, to deal with them in the most appropriate way.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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