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Austriac Country Dance

Entertainment in piazza Aurora

After the Daiana Orfei show, which officially opened the month, and after the last Latin American dance event on 6 September, the programme of events continues in Piazza Aurora. The well-known agora of the western Lido lends itself perfectly, thanks to its structure, to events with a large number of people. There is no shortage of space. Friday the 9th and the following Saturday the 17th the scene will be dominated by the Austrian Country Dance “Alpstein Line Dancers”. Two evenings of music that will entertain, and not a little, tourists and residents ready to enjoy the last remnants of summer. A country rhythm in the air, the unmistakable sound of a very famous genre and engaging group dances, in an atmosphere full of vitality and energy reminiscent of the Old West. All one will be able to do is to let the rhythm take over, following the dance steps.

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