“I am very fond of the Venetians”

by Elisa Panto

Daughter of art twice, mother Michelle Hunziker and father Eros Ramazzotti, Aurora is a volcano of energy and positivity

  • We have seen you recently in some photos in Venice. One of these, very natural and without any make up has generated many reactions. What kind of message did you want to give?
    I have published this photo to outline my personal moment of “a break”. I am aware to be a victim of this world of unreal perfection, a bit because of the way I grew up and a bit because I am fighting with myself every other day like everybody. The fact is, when you pretend to be somebody else, maybe only in a light and inevident way, it is always wrong for ourself, but also for how others perceive us. It is wrong to use our comunicative strength to motivate the bubble of perfection which does not exist. It leads many people to be ashamed of how they are, and does not permit them, to learn to love themselves for what they are, humans like everybody else. From now on I will apply myself to be always true to myself without the need to respond to stereotypes or to fake models.
  • What is your strength and what your fault?
    Strength: sympathy (?)
    Fault: I think to be always right (for my defense I am nearly always right…haha I’m joking!!!)
  • Desolated Island. If somebody asks you to take only three objects with you which would you chose and why?
    On a desolated island I would take my telephon (obviously), a lighter for the fire and a very big umbrella to repair myself from rain.
  • Future projects for life and work?
    Too many future projects… at the moment I am a bit fixed and I want to change house. Expand. Speaking about work I would like to invest on my Youtube channel.
  • A trip you would like to do once in your lifetime?
    The trip I would like to do, is the American road trip by car with my lover!
  • Did you like Venice? What in particular? Have you ever been to the near Jesolo?
    I think that Venice is my favourite town in the world. Unique in its way. Every detail is an artwork. And then I like the Venetians, its a perfect combination. I still haven’t visited many cities in Veneto, including Jesolo. I will fix it soon!

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