JJ21_piste ciclabili_riviera piave

At the discovery of Riviera Piave

by Alessio Conforti

An easy route, long about 38 km, ideal for moving away from the seaside and immersing in the territory of Jesolo, rich in history, environment and culture. This double route called Riviera Piave” starts from Cortellazzo and uses the well-known “Ponte delle Barche” bridge to cross the river and reach first Eraclea Mare and then Caorle. The first option consists of taking Via dei Revedoli and proceeding towards via Fagiana until Brian, where you will enjoy an old-style rural atmosphere, with green pastures and ancient houses which were used (and still are) for agricultural purposes. From Brian, you will get to Caorle passing either through the centre of the hamlet, which falls within the municipality of Eraclea, or along the provincial road 94 which leads straight to the Venetian seaside resort. Conversely, the second option starts from the famous “Ponte delle Barche” bridge in Jesolo and crosses the centre of Eraclea Mare along Via dei Pioppi and Viale dei Fiori. This route runs along the wonderful localities of Duna Verde and Porto Santa Margherita, villages rich in family-run tourist premises. Thanks to the long Altanea avenue, the access to Caorle is extremely comfortable. Regardless of the option that you choose, you will be able to relax and enjoy the landscape. This route is especially recommended to the lovers of photography.  


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