JJ23_piste ciclabili_lio maggiore

At the discovery of Lio Maggiore

by Alessio Conforti

Admire the most characteristic animal species in the lagoon, while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere ideal for your seaside holiday. If you are looking for the cycle path that best represents the environmental atmosphere of this city, you cannot miss this excursion. First, take the cycle path that leads to via DragoJesolo, in the Jesolo Paese area, from the Lido through via Roma Destra. Once you get near Torre del Caigo (learn more about its history), after a beautiful stretch in the sun, turn left towards via Lio Maggiore, the most scenic route that allows you to ride on a dirt path of 29 km. On the right and left, you will be accompanied by green fields lined with timeless trees, in a context worthy of the best tours. The destination is the hamlet of Lio Maggiore, in the heart of the lagoon. An almost unspoilt area that, in the past, belonged to the Duchy of Venice. It is dominated by native flora and fauna, particularly appreciated by the lovers of photography. Don’t miss such an amazing opportunity! The goal is undoubtedly worth being visited, with its pristine nature whose the absolute protagonists were, and still are, fishing and lagoon fish breeding.


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