Archeology: the studies on the “Eraclea gunboat” are resumed

Checking the state of preservation of the first wreck discovered in front of the Mort lagoon. The survey campaign on the famous “Eraclea gunboat”, directed by the Superintendence, has been resumed precisely with this purpose. The project includes new investigations and samplings, in addition to a working day to assess the presence of any other nearby targets, in order to collect further data for the continuation of this project in the years to come. The activities will be carried out during the summer, in full compliance with the bathing season requirements and the legal constraints. This initiative also stresses the importance of studying and safeguarding the submerged evidence of the past, as well as raising a renewed awareness in line with the provisions for the protection of the underwater cultural heritage established by the UNESCO Regulation, whose twentieth anniversary was celebrated in 2021 (Paris, 2 November 2001.)


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