Antistress – July

di Riccardo Zambon | Doctor of Sports Sciences and Physical Performance

“Physical exercise is like an antibiotic. A single intake is not enough. But if you take it regularly, it is precisely the treatment that you need.”

Neal Barnard

Finally, summer has come. The sacrifices and efforts made throughout the winter can be put aside to be resumed in autumn. But we all know that it’s not that simple. The health of the body cannot and should not be regarded as a price to be paid in view of summer only to look better and fitter. So let us show you the fitness program for this month.



One exercise with thousand positive sides: from the toning the whole back area (lumbar, gluteus and femoral muscles) to the proprioceptive development of stabilizing hip muscles. Start moving from an upright position with a weight on your right hand. Staying balanced on the left leg, close the angle at the pelvis keeping your head and chest aligned with the straight right leg. Try to reach a horizontal position to the ground, without flexing your spine. Eventually, contract your glutes to return to the starting position.



The health of the spine is an extremely important aspect that is often overlooked or forgotten. If your lower back requires stability, the chest area needs to be moved. Get on all fours on the ground and arch your back like a cat ready to defend itself, and breathe out; then switch to the opposite position, forming a curve towards the ground, breathing in and looking at the ceiling. Eventually, sit on your heels keeping your arms extended to stretch the back of the spine.


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