Antistress – August

di Riccardo Zambon | Doctor of Sports Sciences and Physical Performance

“The taste for sport is a health epidemic”

Jean Giraudoux

Summer puts many obstacles in our way every year: unbearable heat, desire for the sea, invitations from friends to unforgettable parties and evenings. In the end, our spare time dedicated to our well-being through physical exercise is always sacrificed. The good news, however, is that it is neither necessary nor useful to spend hours on boring mild running in the neighbourhood. Today, the program includes high intensity, less time spent and guaranteed benefits.



This exercise offers unexpected benefits, as it builds up bone mass and strengthens the lower limbs, but can also cause, if underestimated, unpleasant injuries. Put 3 or 4 small obstacles in front of you, about 70 cm away from each other. With your feet together, jump over all the obstacles consecutively, supporting the movement with your arms. At the end of the path, recover completely (it will take at least 40 seconds.) A proper recovery and the correct performance of the exercise will help you develop muscle strength and power



They are not useless and trivial as you might think, but are rather an important basis for many daily gestures. Place yourself in front of a rise of variable height according to your abilities (20-40 cm). Jump on it, taking care to keep perfect balance and foot support. When you are ready and fully stable, perform a downward spring, softening the impact with the ground by bending the knees. Remember: don’t overdo it, the correct height is the one that allows you to reach your initial position. 


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