Sponsor 2020 of the Venice Film Exhibition

by Alessio Conforti

More than a name, a guarantee. That’s how could be commented the official presenting of the opening and closing soirée of the 77th Venice International Film Festival, for which this year is entrusted Anna Foglietta, an artist who by now has been at the national highest levels for years. The roman actress will open the Biennal Cinema 2020 on September 2nd , on the stage of Sala Grande at the grand opening and will lead the closing evening on September 12th, when Lions and the other official prizes of the exhibition will be announced.

  • Anna Foglietta, a long career in different domains of the show business. Among which comedy. Which is the secret to realize a successful one?
    Writing while in the meantime you already think of the actor. That’s what happened for instance with Carlo Verdone in the making of “Si vive una volta sola” (You live only once ndt). He told us the topic at home, together with the main characters. He takes care of following the actors very closely.
  • How is it working with him?
    That’s a great experience, exciting. And for two reasons. First because the movie is about a nice story and you could feel our longing to play it. Second because quite everyone is a fan of Carlo, as we grew up with his movies. There certainly was an ambition to play in a project by him. Working with him is an arrival point for an italian actress. Even if there’s another point of view.
  • Which one?
    I’ll carry in my heart a bunch of stories Carlo was used to rattled of during dinner time, sometimes filling and flavouring them whith his own characters and so managing to amaze and amuse us. There was a sort of harmony among us all, even after shooting. Carlo’s private side is the one I most carry in my heart.
  • And with Rocco Papaleo?
    It was a privilege as well. Even if I have had the honour of working with him for years. We are best friends, I love him and I think very highly of him. 
  • How will it be seeing each other together once again?
    After Sanremo Festival 2019, we will be simply older (she laughs) but charming as ever!
  • Which is Venice impression on you?
    Enchanting. I had the privilege of visiting privately the town, mostly the less known sides and I appreciated the silence you can find among the “calli “ and “campielli”.
  • What amazed you most?
    I love the Ghetto and Synagogues area. I was here once during a tour, at the Toniolo theatre in Mestre. I have really good memories. I appreciated local people, very welcoming. Certainly not a little thing.

Who is Anna Foglietta

Talent, elegance, refinement. Anna Foglietta, roman, class of 1979, boasts a rich career of important acting participations. The springboard comes with La Squadra, on Rai3 channel. Then Distretto di Polixia, Rex 3, La mafia uccide solo d’estate and Storia di Nilde. For the film business she took part to some movies as Sfiorati by Angelo Orlando, Nessuno mi può giudicare, Ex-Amici come prima by Carlo Vanzina, Mai stati uniti, Colpi di fulmine by Neri Parenti, Perfetti sconosciuti by Paolo Genovese. In 2019 she presented, together with Rocco Papaleo, the Dopofestival, during the 69th edition of the Festival of Sanremo. In 2020 she performed in two comedies: D.N.A. – Decisamente non adatti, directed by Lillo & Greg, and Si vive una volta sola, directed and performed by Carlo Verdone. Coming soon Il talento del calabrone, where she is the main feminine character at the side of Sergio Castellitto.


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