The self-taught photographer

Some years ago, when I met Anna, two things immediately struck me: the light in her eyes when she holds the camera in her hands and her passion for photography. She tells me that she doesn’t remember the first picture that she has taken, but she believes that she has never separated from her camera. “My first reflex,” Anna says, “was an Olympus OM10 camera. It was an engagement gift for my husband Franco, which he greatly appreciated, but I’ve been using it ever since. That day, I got engaged twice: with Franco and with photography.”  When I ask her about the path that she has taken to win prestigious international awards, she replies: “I started as a self-taught photographer, inspired by great professionals.” Her face lights up when she recalls those who enriched her life: “From Sandro Santioli (National Geographic) and Giacomo Donati (Conoscere fotografando)”, Anna says, “I learned technique and great compositional sensitivity, while, thanks to Deborah Lo Castro, I focused on the emotions of photo essays and wedding photography. Laura Zanoni introduced me to portrait photography, especially of adults, Roberta Garofalo strikes me through the emotions that she conveys with her Kids Photography, and Monika Bulay with her images inspired by real life and feelings.” Now Anna has gained great popularity and amazes the whole world with her art!
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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