The Master sits on the bench

by Cesare Barbieri

The midfielder who won everything with the Italian national team, Milan and Juventus, soon he will enter into the staff of Roberto Mancini. There is not only football in his life, there are also wines.  


Carlos Alberto Parreira, coach of Brazil, a few days before the world Championship of 2006, said: “We have Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and Adriano if we had Andrea Pirlo we would win without a doubt.  “Il Maestro”, born 27 years before in Flero, did not change the expression and did better: he won the  World Championship with the jersey of Italy.

After passing the exam to obtain the Diploma of Coach, Andrea Pirlo will enter the staff of Roberto Mancini, he will be  deputy in the national team. And when he looks to the future, his new profession he says: “If you train everything changes: it may happen that a footballer doesn’t see a play, but I will not  get angry.  My job is to advise, to correct and to develop the action. ” If one day he will have a bench of his own, he will deploy the team with the: “4-3-3 or 3-4-3, I’ll ask to be aggressive, to press high”. In short, no “Christmas Tree” of Rossoneri (red/black)  memory, no ball possession, nothing of that football that was  a forerunner of Barcelona of Guardiola.  “We, however, were different, because at a time when quality footballers ended up on the outside or on the bench, Ancelotti showed us that they could coexist. In pink,  there was me, Rivaldo, Rui Costa and Seedorf, then came Kaka… what, do you put us on the bench or look for a way to let us all play or almost? “.   A question that has a single answer.

Pirlo, however, is not only one of the strongest Italian players ever, he is a man who cultivates other interests, other passions: he  produces wines, the label is “Pratum Coller”: White, red and rosé. A passion born almost by chance: “We have land near Franciacorta, and at first we  produced only for ourselves, then we decided to widen our horizons.  “His” wine, however, Andrea did not take with  him into the locker room: “I don’t care about the publicity that can come from the world of football,” Pratum Coller “is a label that has to walk alone.” Looks like it’s working…


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